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I do not like to write. I can't spell to save my life. I have no idea how to correctly use punctuation or grammar. I've already forgotten so much in my short career as a mom of two, so I'd better write some of this stuff down before I forget it all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Takes a Village

About two years ago I was accused of being in my white, middle-class, right-winged, conservative, church-going bubble. That really made me mad because it couldn't be further from the truth. I've been meaning to write about it for some time but never really got around to it. There is never a better time then the present. Right?

First of all I'd like to say that I live in the best neighborhood ever. It is certainly not due to our spacious backyards, the ginormous square footage of our houses, or the sprawling open spaces and sparkling community pool. No, no, you won't find any of that here in Mainland Square. For almost 10 years we have lived in our modest little community. I was lucky enough to move in right across the street from the nicest people in the world who walked right up an introduced themselves as we were moving in. The craziness of their home crawling with three, and later four, boys was like nothing I'd ever seen. There was always a LOT of boy things happening around there from wild screaming to just whippin' it out and peeing right there in the front yard. Love it.

Prior to having our own children we would attend several of the boys birthday parties and even a Christmas once. Through these neighbors I met many more neighbors. Once I had my first kiddo I realized just how lucky I was to have such an awesome neighborhood and group of friends.

We are black, white, Hispanic, Checksican (that's Mexican and Chinese), Filipino, Thai, and lots of things in between. All those races are married to the other races so our kids are a whole lotta everything in this melting pot. Me being a white chick married to a redneck puts me in the minority. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We are Protestants, Catholics, Questioners, and Truth Seekers. Some of us work outside the home full or part-time and some of us stay home all the time. When life has required mom to go to work and dad to stay home, those dads have jumped right in the scene and held their own. We have one kid, and we have four kids. We have had our share of ups and downs. We have carried each other through some of the lowest points in our lives and celebrated with each other during the victories. We've endured loss, stood firmly united in our fears, and partied hard during good times (and bad if needed). Occasionally we've eaten our way through or out of situations! I know, without a doubt, that I can call upon these people anytime, anywhere, and I will have a last minute babysitter, an extra disciplinarian, a cheerleader, a stylist, an organizer, a teacher, a seamstress, a comedian, a gardener, a landscaper, or even an occasional egg or a cup of sugar.

I have seen this neighborhood rally around one another during a crisis or time of need and I count my blessings every day. It's just that good to live here that those who have moved away miss the hood dearly...and some even move back! Sure, it isn't utopia around here all the time, but we've all learned the art of respect, forgiveness and apologies...That and a cup of coffee (or beer, or wine, or an apple martini) goes a long way. I love you all so very much. I am a better person because of each and every one of you.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Where have six years gone?

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet six-year old. I can't believe where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday you were that strong-will baby refusing a bottle at all costs. Some things haven't changed! You are still as strong-willed as ever.

I am amazed at how much you have grown and developed over the years. You have become such a beautiful little girl inside and out...

I love how you still give me a quick cuddle every morning before anything else. Thank you for still letting me hold my baby.
I love that you are so happy all most of the time that you twirl and twirl and twirl like you don't have a care in the world. You twirl even when cleaning!
I love how you tell me the best and worst part of everyday as soon as you get in the car after school. I chuckle inside that the "worst" part of the day is usually someone else getting into trouble.
I love that you love to try new sports. I love your excitement when you score a goal or go fast around the rink or cartwheel around the floor...
I love how you share bumpy with others when they get hurt or are sad, including me.
I love how you take responsibility for feeding your dogs.
I love when you see me baking and get all excited and pull out your apron.
I love watching you watch fireworks. The look in your eyes is unreal.
I love looking at your drawings and listening to the stories of what you were drawing.
I love your excitement when you see Daddy's car pulling up after work.
I love how you love your sister and try to take care of her.
I love that you know how to work the TV!
I love your fashion statements!
I love that we have the same taste in music. Yikes!
I love it when you try to scare me by saying boo.
I love that you share your candy with me.
I love your imagination and seeing what new things your come up with every time you play.
I love that you love the outdoors, nature walks, fishing, going to the Dove field, and your excitiment when Daddy brings "dinner" home.
I love that you are an easy kid to travel and fly with.
I love how inventive you are.
I love how you make cards and presents for us for no reason at all.
I love, that for the most part, you include your sister and play with her too.
I love that you love the Dentist.
I love how you call us "The Crazies".
I love that you like to sing the made up songs about our family.

I love so many things about you that I could go on and on forever. I love being your Mommy. I am so blessed that God has allowed me to be your mom and to take care of you here on Earth. You bring me so much joy. I hope you have the best birthday ever!

All my love,