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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Don't Have Time

I have a about two billion things that need to be done right now, but here I am attempting to blog. I'm in awe at how some of my friends, some with four kids, somehow have time to blog during this holiday season. I need school to resume so I can get some sort of order back. On the other hand, I am enjoying sleeping in and can't believe my kids have been sleeping past 8:30. Whew!

My sweet, almost six year old daughter said two things on Christmas that I don't want to forget...

1. Among other things, Santa left her a package of Hello Kitty panties in her stocking. She seemed a little disturbed by this. The look on her face was not of disappointment, but disgust. I asked her what was wrong. She loves Hello Kitty. She tells me, "Well, I like Hello Kitty and I like the panties but that's just kinda weird. It's gross that Santa would give me panties." Hubby and I couldn't hold it in. He says to her that he doubts Santa wore the panties. They are brand new. That answer was all she needed and Hello Kitty panties went on. Apparently she was a little worried that Santa was packaging up his old Hello Kitty panties and passing them off as new in children's stockings!

2. After Christmas dinner we were enjoying a cake that was colored pink and purple because my neighbor and I have all girls. I have to share a name, but her youngest daughter's name is Violet. As our oldest children are digging in I hear my daughter say to her friend, "I wish your name was Violet...and then mine could be Fuchsia." Awesome. That's my daughter's new name. Fuchsia. Love it.

That's all I have for now. I'm too busy...but I might become a movie critic soon. :o)

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  1. ah, but you DO have time. see? p.s. - i CANNOT wait for your movie review. whip it??? cannot. wait.