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I do not like to write. I can't spell to save my life. I have no idea how to correctly use punctuation or grammar. I've already forgotten so much in my short career as a mom of two, so I'd better write some of this stuff down before I forget it all.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Short-story Saturday

So this week I was dropping my five-year old off at school in the car line. I drive and SUV so it is a little jump for her when she hops out but she is always ready to jump out as soon as the teacher opens the door. On Thursday the teacher opened the door and she started to jump out as usual. I looked over my right shoulder to say goodbye and I hear the teacher say, "Oops. Oops! You got something caught. Oh! I don't want to know what that is." I see a rubber skull roll back in the car. I say, "Oh, that's from Halloween." I drive off. No big deal.

Later, I go to drop off my two-year old. She hops over to her sister's side of the car. It's easier for me to just walk around then to get her back on my side. I open the door and my eyes are immediately drawn to the unused, yet unwrapped, and out of the applicator tampon. By the looks of it I'm pretty sure its been there awhile. There is dirt on it and it's nice and "swollen" if you will. Now I know why the teacher back at my oldest's school said she didn't want to know what that was.

Now, the task for this week will be to locate the applicator floating around the car somewhere before that scares someone else.

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